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  • 2DU is furnished with some of the latest broadcast and production technology.
  • Our Studio is equipped with An Ogenic 59-Maestro-1.02 on-air mixing console, Denon DN-650F compact disc players, Digital audio storage utilising "Maximation" broadcast automation software, PC-based audio recording and editing software, Denon Mini-disc recorder, an Otari MX-5050 tape recorder, an ElectroVoice RE27N/D announcers microphone and 2 ElectroVoice RE16 guest microphones.
  • Our telephone interface combines an Ogenic telephone Hybrid TC-2, with an Eventide BD500 broadcast profanity delay.
  • All transmitted program is logged using an Innes Corporation Flash Log digital hard disc audio logger.
  • Music played on-air is selected using "Bluegum Chorus" software, while commercials are scheduled by "Bluegum Contractor".
  • Our commercials, sweepers, etc are produced in one of two suites equipped with a Yamaha O2R digital recording console, Otari PD-80 8-track hard disc recorder, 2 Denon DN-2500F compact disc players, compact disc recorder, DAT, and Southern Cross Digital Courier, Audionet, DubSat & Adstream online audio delivery systems. 2DU utilises the TMCentury production library.
  • The mixing console in our news booth is an Ogenic Sonata.

Music Icon Carter Edwards
6.00pm - 12.00am Saturdays
You’re welcome to take part in any number of discussions or simply relax and enjoy the great country tunes Carter plays during his show. read more

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Radio Tradio Icon Radio Tradio
Price: FREE
Phone: 1300 66 1251
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Remember to call us to add to our Lost & Found segment.

Phone: 6882 2722
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