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Did You Know

Did You Know?

During the devastating Western Area floods of February 1955, 2DU broadcast 24 hours a day from the upstairs foyer after the downstairs studios were completely flooded. Mr Walter T Grant (Manager) rang business owners and warned them of the rising river. Extra telephones were set up, and messages taken from listeners in flood-prone areas were read over the air. Telegrams were broadcast on behalf of the Post Office.

Did You Know?

2DU still has (on display) the very first microphone used at the station (pictured above with station founder Doug Holmes, and below more recently with Clive Robertson).

Did You Know?

2DU once had a branch studio in Wellington. During the 1950′s, Ron Larkin presented some of the morning and afternoon sessions from there, and conducted the Wellington edition of Teen Time on Thursdays.

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